The Avax group is on a strong growth trajectory

At 2.5 billion the backlog and at 515 million the portfolio of concessions, reveals the president of Christos Ioannou

The completion of important projects in the first half of the year, the new projects that have been undertaken in the last period of time, as well as the amount of the outstanding balance, form a more positive framework of conditions for future profitability, steadily strengthening the prospects for further growth and strengthening of the group Avax. This is what the president of the company, Christos Ioannou, estimates, speaking to “Kathimerini”, acknowledging of course that issues such as price increases in construction materials and possible shortages in professional specialties will affect the industry in the near future.It is pointed out that the listed Avax S.A. not only does not plan a share capital increase, but on the contrary is considering the initiation – when this is deemed feasible – of a dividend policy, the aim of which will be for the shareholders to collect a significant part of the current capitalization. As for Avax Concessions, he reveals that – as a result of the group’s strategy to highlight the value of the specific portfolio – the most recent valuation amounts to 515 million euros. At the same time, he appears modestly optimistic about Volterra as well.

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