Energy Management

The Energy Management Sector includes Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services of RES projects, Electricity Trading (trading) activities, management of Green Bilateral Contracts (PPAs) and Guarantees of Origin (GOs).

The Energy Management Sector includes Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services of energy projects and management of Green PPAs and Guarantees of Origin in collaboration with industries and businesses. In addition, iXion is expected to soon receive from RAE an electricity trading license, RES Aggregator license and Demand-Response Aggregator license to represent RES stations or consumers.

Management, Operation
and Maintenance of RES Projects (O&M)

The operation and maintenance (O&M) control process is an integral part of RES projects and drastically affects their life cycle. iXion has previous experience in O&M of its own projects and has now developed a department that deals with this subject by providing corresponding services for third party projects as well.

  • Monitoring data and production in real time
  • Assess performance at regular intervals
  • On-site inspections
  • Inspection of safety and environmental issues
  • Submit reports at intervals determined based on the client’s needs (e.g. monthly, semi-annually and annually)
  • Representation and cooperation with relevant agencies
  • Monitoring smooth operation and any problems with related resolution proposals for iXiON energy projects and for third parties
  • Management of equipment maintenance contracts
  • Performance indicators and project reports
  • Increase the lifetime of safe operation
  • Ensuring investment income and reducing investment risk
  • Ensuring the high commercial value of the investment in case of resale
  • Scheduled site visits for inspection and control
  • General control of electronic equipment
  • Coordinate scheduled maintenance
  • Troubleshoot and maintain
  • Emergency Breakdown Procedures and Recovery
  • Immediate visit/intervention by a technician
  • Selection and implementation of the optimal solution
  • Communication with equipment suppliers
  • Calculation of energy loss

Management of Green PPAs ​

Now businesses and energy-intensive industries, trying to protect themselves from the energy crisis, are looking for access to bilateral PPAs with RES producers, in order to manage their energy costs. The PPAs will be concluded between iXion and the companies, ensuring them access to cheap and “green” electricity as well as long-term stability in their energy costs.

PPAs are designed according to the energy consumption profile and the needs of each customer by defining a fixed price and the duration of energy supply.

  • Long-term electricity supply agreement from RES with businesses and industries to meet their energy needs
  • Prices that, combined with state aid, are able to ensure satisfactory profit margins for producers
  • Protection against price change risks (the buyer will lock in a guaranteed energy price minimizing their financial risk)
  • Positive environmental effects
  • Extension of the life of the project

Green certificates and Guarantees of Origin

iXion can provide Guarantees of Origin from Renewable Energy Sources or otherwise green certificates (Green Certificates), to residential or corporate customers upon their request, assuring that the energy they consume is 100% from RES for a certain period of time. iXion has the ability to secure ‘green energy’ from RES power producers and then transfer it to businesses and industries. Therefore, Guarantees of Origin are proof that a certain amount of electricity consumed in a company or industry, within a period of time, corresponds to an equal amount of energy coming from RES, so that the company in question reduces its energy footprint and actively contributes to development and promotion of RES.

According to a new ministerial decision, the procedure for issuing, amending, transferring, or revoking Guarantees of Origin, their type and content, the rules for managing the Register of Guarantees of Origin, are changed.

  • Management of Guarantees of Origin in Greece and Europe
  • Cooperation with producers or traders for buying and selling Guarantees of Origin
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint of businesses, homes and industries, through the Guarantees of Origin procurement program
  • Participation in the new DAPEEP Guarantees of Origin system and participation in auctions within 2023 to secure Guarantees of Origin

Electricity Trading & Aggregator Services

iXion is in the process of being granted by the RAE an electricity trading license, a RES Aggregator license and a Demand-Response Aggregator license.

Accordion Content

iXion operates in the field of wholesale electricity trading with cross-border exchanges of electricity between the Greek system and neighboring countries. By importing and exporting electricity, it promotes the final benefit of the Greek economy.

iXion will create its own RES Aggregator Agency for the representation of RES Stations in the electricity market with the following responsibilities:

  • Representation of RES plants by optimizing the production forecast of the represented RES units by utilizing and adapting different forecasting techniques, integrating international best practices but also the results of pioneering research in the field of artificial intelligence and probability theory.
  • Collection of measurement data of the customer’s RES plant production from a SCADA system.
  • Deviation limitation between forecast and actual output.
  • Minimize balancing costs by accurately forecasting the output of the RES plant.
  • Offers to submit the generated energy to the markets in which the station participates.
  • Management of all processes (measurements, pricing, cash flow settlement, etc.).

iXion with its participation in the field of Demand Response in the Balancing Market (known as Demand Response), will offer a service based on the automation and dynamic adjustment of electricity demand with the ability to immediately shift the electricity demand from consumers to serve the needs of purchase. In this way, high electricity prices during peak hours can be avoided and the balance of production and consumption that is critical for the smooth operation of the system will be maintained. As a Demand Response aggregator will focus primarily on industrial customers, representing them in the system and allowing them access to revenue to provide flexibility. With the license of Demand-Response Aggregator, iXion will manage the following:

  • Ability to shift electricity demand instantly from consumers.
  • Start providing balancing services through industrial loads to enhance competition in the Balancing Market. Flexible demand will help contain surcharge bills.
  • Businesses and households through a collective representation body will be able to participate in the wholesale market by submitting offers for load cuts for a fee.

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