Energy Efficiency & EPC

The Energy Efficiency – EPC sector includes Savings services for professionals in Industries, Hotels and Businesses as well as for individuals.

Energy efficiency in every building is a matter of high priority. By saving energy, we achieve a reduction in operating costs and immediate depreciation of the capital that will need to be invested. The Energy Efficiency services provided by iXion include, for example, the study and installation of Photovoltaic systems for energy compensation (net metering), suggestions for saving lighting energy by replacing lamps with new LED technology and management with lighting automation. Finally, the sector undertakes EPC contracts for RES projects, either privately owned or for third parties, utilizing its industrial know-how and its financial potential.

EPC Contractor

It undertakes the execution of “turnkey” projects of any size, covering the techno-economic feasibility study, the licensing process, the supply and installation of the equipment.


Net Metering

Netting of produced and consumed energy, known as net metering, is a tool for promoting self-production and self-consumption from RES and is mainly applied to photovoltaic installations.
Net metering allows the consumer to cover a significant part of his own consumption, while at the same time giving him the possibility to use the grid for indirect storage of the green energy he will produce.
iXion has solutions for off-grid systems in addition to traditional (on-grid) systems, thus covering the entire spectrum of the needs of photovoltaic investors.


Energy Upgrade of Buildings

iXion provides energy saving services for industrial and public buildings, as well as for residences with the purpose of their energy upgrade. Interventions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, among others, concern:

replacement of frames,
thermal insulation,
heating, cooling and ventilation systems,
space and street lighting systems,
automation systems,
electricity production and storage systems,
installation of electric vehicle charging points.

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